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Learning Analytics in Higher Education: A review of UK and international practice

Learning Analytics in Higher Education - reportToday Jisc is releasing a new report: Learning Analytics in Higher Education: A review of UK and international practice  (PDF). Drawing on eleven case studies, we examine why institutions are deploying learning analytics, and what the benefits are for learners. We also discuss the main data sources being drawn upon by institutions and the technical architecture required.

The emphasis of the report is on investigating the evidence for learning analytics: what impact is it having, and to what extent can the algorithms actually predict academic success? We also look at how institutions are carrying out interventions to attempt to retain students at risk, and provide better support for all students as they progress through their studies.

The main report summarises the case studies.  The full individual case studies are:

  1. Traffic Lights and Interventions: Signals at Purdue University
  2. Analysing use of the VLE at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  3. Identifying at-risk students at New York Institute of Technology
  4. Fine-grained analysis of student data at California State University
  5. Transferring predictive models to other institutions from Marist College
  6. Enhancing retention at Edith Cowan University
  7. Early alert at the University of New England
  8. Developing an ‘analytics mind-set’ at the Open University
  9. Predictive analytics at Nottingham Trent University
  10. Analysing social networks at the University of Wollongong
  11. Personalised pathway planning at Open Universities Australia

It’s worth also checking out the LACE project’s Evidence Hub for anyone interested in exploring further the evidence for learning analytics.

By Niall Sclater

Niall Sclater is Consultant and Director at Sclater Digital Ltd and is currently carrying out work for Jisc in Learning Analytics.

2 replies on “Learning Analytics in Higher Education: A review of UK and international practice”

How were these case studies gathered? Was it a combined effort of the report writers? Was data collected on site or is it secondary data?

Very interesting read.

Hi Edward
These were primarily compiled from papers already published about the initiatives. In some cases, the texts of the case studies where checked with the institutions concerned. See the references at the end of each case study linked to from the report.
Best wishes

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