Institutional Use Network

Learning analytics network meeting – February in London

It was evident from my visits to universities and colleges in the summer that there’s a lot of interest in learning analytics and an increasing amount of experimentation with predictive modelling and other uses of data about learners and learning.  What was clear too was that people didn’t have a good picture about what was […]

Co-design Ethics Systems

A student app for learning analytics

Many applications for learning analytics have been proposed, are under development or are already being deployed by institutions.  These range from prompting staff to intervene with students at risk of drop-out to attempting to understand whether some learning content or activity is effective. Much of this is about providing better information to staff about students and […]

Code of Practice Ethics Legal Issues

Jisc releases report on ethical and legal challenges of learning analytics

Do institutions need to obtain consent from students before collecting and using data about their online learning activities? Should learners be allowed to opt out of having data collected about them? Could showing students predictions about their likelihood of academic success have a negative effect on their motivation and make them more likely to drop […]

Legal Issues Open learning analytics

Examining open learning analytics – report from the Lace Project meeting in Amsterdam

The latest Lace Project event was held in the illustrious surroundings of the Allard Pierson Museum at Amsterdam University this week.  The focus this time was on open learning analytics.  After some lightening presentations on participants’ interests in the area, we split into groups to look at what exactly open meant in the context of […]