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A taxonomy of the ethical and legal issues of learning analytics v0.1

In discussions around the ethics and legal issues of learning analytics I’ve found the same issues cropping up again and again. Almost always they’ve already been covered somewhere in the growing collection of publications on learning analytics. Sometimes they’re expressed in different ways but boil down to the same underlying problem. The literature review of […]

Institutional Use Network

Learning analytics network meeting – February in London

It was evident from my visits to universities and colleges in the summer that there’s a lot of interest in learning analytics and an increasing amount of experimentation with predictive modelling and other uses of data about learners and learning.  What was clear too was that people didn’t have a good picture about what was […]

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Jisc releases new report on learning analytics in the UK

Jisc today released a new report: Learning Analytics: the current state of play in UK higher and further education.  It was written after a series of visits I made recently to universities and colleges across the UK which were known to be carrying out interesting work in learning analytics. I was inspired by campuses filled […]