Jisc workshop: Curriculum analytics for course review and enhancement  

Are you involved in reviewing or enhancing programmes and modules at your institution? If so we’d like to invite you to a workshop to explore new visualisations around curriculum analytics we are developing. 

Date: Monday 16th Dec 10:00 – 16:00

Location: Jisc Offices, London

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This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to explore using data and analytics as part of programme and module review and enhancement. 

The workshop is most suitable for anyone who is involved is using curriculum data to make strategic decisions, academics interested in using data for course and module review. 

As part of curriculum analytics pilot we have worked with four universities to develop some visualisations using existing data from learning analytics to provide insights into course and module design and learning activities. An overview of the curriculum analytics project was presented at the learning analytics network meeting in October.

The aim of the workshop is to scope what visualisations would be most useful for institutions supporting the following user journeys.  

As a strategic manager 

  • How does course structure and complexity impact on key metrics such as pass rates and engagement? 
  • What factors such as technology adoption lead to improvements in institutional performance for example student satisfaction and pass rates? 

As a course leader 

  • What metrics are useful when looking at course review?  
  • How does assessment bunching impact on student success? 
  • How will changes to one module impact on other learning pathways? 

As a module lecturer 

  • What can we learn from student patterns of digital engagement about how to improve the course design?


10:00  Arrival and coffee 
10:30  Introduction and overview 
10:45  Demonstration of the data visualisations 
11:00  Activity: Exploring user journeys   
12:30  Lunch 
13:30  Activity: Develop new user journeys and identify what else we could do to improve curriculum analytics 
15:00  Feedback and prioritisation 
16:00  Finish 

 The outputs from the workshop will be shared via the analytics blog. 



By Paul Bailey

Head of co-design, part of a research and development team

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