Notes and presentations from the 14th Learning Analytics Network meeting at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham

By Steve Hoole June 12th, 2018

UnivofGloucsThe University of Gloucestershire provided a great setting for our most recent UK Learning Analytics Network meeting on June 12th 2018. It is recorded in 3 sections:

David James
David James, University of Gloucestershire

We started off with a welcome address by Prof David James, Dean of Academic Development
the University of Gloucestershire, who has an Executive lead for development and implementation of the Academic Strategy and a strong interest in learning analytics. Professor James talked about how at Gloucestershire they have been using the Student Goal Check-in facility to monitor attendance and how they will roll this out institutionally from September. They are also interested in the predictive and descriptive analytics and bringing in the data from the Jisc Learning Data Hub into their own staff portals.

We then had a series of updates from Jisc colleague Rob Wyn Jones on the Learning Analytics Pilots that will be transitioning to full service in August 2018. Rob highlighted how the Jisc Learning Analytics service team are now up to full strength, how with a dedicated developer resource. He talked about the new version of Data Explorer which has been vastly improved in terms of user interface and intuitiveness and will be ready for August 2018. Rob also introduced Steve Masters who will now head up the Data and Analytics Directorate at Jisc. Then Michael

michael webb
Michael Webb, Jisc

Webb  gave a Jisc Update on Learning Analytics focused on the recent development day and how institutions had worked together to work out ways to extract the data from the Learning Data Hub into their own reports and dashboards, and how this session would be repeated in the future, and the starter of a learning analytics developer community.


anish bagga unitu
Anish Bagga, Unitu

Anish Bagga from Unitu was the first of our vendor presentations on the day. Anish gave a presentation and demo of the Unitu tool that allow students to provide real time feedback to Universities on the issues that affect them all based around the NSS questions. Institutions could then identify issues their student where having and address them quickly.

The first institution presentation was from Christine Couper at the University of Greenwich. They surveyed staff to find out how they approach teaching, what methods where being taken and what the impact of these approaches had been. It was hoped that the results of these surveys could then feed into Learning Analytics to inform curriculum design and approaches to teaching. Their aim was survey, assess the outcomes, apply the changes and repeat. They also wanted to find out if some survey questions will be better predictors of success. Amongst other thing they found differences in geography and motivation, differences in cohorts who have differing priorities and a correlation between staff on permanent contracts and success.

After the lunch break we had a really interesting discussion on interventions. Anish Bagga from Unitu was joined by Richard Gascoinge of Solution Path, Scott Gibbens of Kortext and Ed Foster from Nottingham Trent University. The panel discussed everything from how students would cope with multiple notifications, whether interventions should be manual or not and how GDPR would affect interventions.

anish bagga unitu
Anish Bagga, CEO and Founder Unitu

ed foster
Ed Foster, Nottingham Trent University

richard gascoigne-solutionpath
Richard Gascoigne, SolutionPath

scott gibbons-kortext
Scott Gibbons, Kortext
sarah davies-jisc
Sarah Davies Head of HE, Jisc

The final session was a collaborative workshop between Sarah Davies from Jisc on Beyond Retention and Scott Gibbens on Kortext – Beyond Retention. This combined a demonstration of the Kortext tool, which can be used to identify specifically what students are viewing when they consume e-journals and e-resources, with a workshop to get delegates to think about what learners are using with analytics, what works now, intelligent campus and what data sources if brought together would be useful to make improvements in teaching and learning and the student experience.

Our next meeting will be at Northumbria University on 19th September 2018, the agenda and booking form will be posted to this blog in advance. Sign up to the list if you want to receive details of that meeting and other developments in learning analytics by email.

By Paul Bailey

Head of co-design, part of a research and development team

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