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Learning Analytics Purchasing Service

From the outset of the Jisc Learning Analytics project we were aware that institutions were likely to have requirements that went beyond what Jisc could offer. With this in mind we developed an architecture and service structure so that complementary services from other suppliers could easily be added on top of the services provided by Jisc.

In addition, we were seeing the learning analytics sector undergo rapid development with new products, services and suppliers regularly entering the marketplace. As a result, we also wanted institutions to have the opportunity to exploit new innovations as they became available.

Earlier this month Jisc launched a new procurement mechanism, the Learning Analytics Purchasing Service, so that institutions had access to a ready-formed marketplace for innovative learning analytics solutions, services and infrastructure that could be used alongside the core Jisc Learning Analytics Service.

The Learning Analytics Purchasing Service operates as a fully electronic Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). New suppliers can join at any time during the term of the service, thereby allowing buyers swift access to new innovations in the marketplace. The Learning Analytics Purchasing Service also reduces the timescale, and therefore cost, of procurement, when compared to traditional static frameworks.

Buyers and new suppliers can access the Learning Analytics Purchasing Service via the Jisc procurement portal at Use the find opportunities feature and select ‘JISC’ from the list of portals. Look for ‘Opportunity Id: DN289989 Title: Learning Analytics Purchasing Service’

Further background about the service is available here:

The service is currently live, a Current List of Suppliers has been confirmed,  a further batch of 8 or so in the process of being added over the coming weeks.  We’ll also regularly update the suppliers list as new suppliers get added to the service over time.

Institutional Buyers can view the Buyer’s Guide, which has more details about the range of services available and how mini-competitions are run.

If you’d like more information about the service please drop us a line at

Mark Harrington, Jisc Learning Analytics Service

By Paul Bailey

Head of co-design, part of a research and development team

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