Step 4: Institutional Aims

Complexity Rating: **  Pre-requisites: None

You should:

  • Identify your institutional aims and prioritise them
  • Ensure you have institution-wide agreement and understanding

Suggested Evidence/Documentation

  • A prioritised list of your aims for learning analytics

Jisc can:

  • Advise how your aims align with the learning analytics service and the time to implement


1) Examples of institutional aims

  • Improve retention
  • Improve student success/engagement/graduate prospects
  • Provide information to students to help them succeed academically
  • Establish what data would be useful and practicable to collect
  • Grow student numbers
  • Provide interpretive dashboards to appropriate staff and students
  • Establish trends and predictive models which link engagement behaviours with attainment
  • Increase Learning Gain (student improvement)
  • Impact student engagement/experience
  • Library – resource provisions, information skills increased, assessing digital behaviour interventions for the widening participation students
  • Improve the first year student experience
  • Refine engagement and intervention strategies
  • Effective use of blended and fully online delivery of learning and teaching
  • Early intervention for at risk students